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Barnacle Bill: News

Rock clubs in Manhattan, 1980 - February 1, 2012

An article by John Rockwell in the NY Times 31 years ago.

Guns n Roses have a show scheduled on February 15 at The Ritz (now known as Webster Hall). According to reports, the club is to be renamed "The Ritz" (on the marquee), reminiscent of the band's MTV special, taped there live in 1988.

I like both names. I was working at the Ritz during that time and had learned that the building was originally called Webster Hall; now it's a NYC landmark.

GN'R first played there as part of the MTV series, "Live at the Ritz." I remember listening as the Ritz's sound engineer, Charlie Martin, called MTV and persuaded them to tape and broadcast Ritz performances.

Run DMC also did one.


photo: Josh Cheuse (I think this photo is from the group's 1984 show there)


It's over 60 pages but I'm gonna go back and finish reading this transript of a 2011 interview with Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons:

Barnacle Bill thanks "Power Pop Action" - January 13, 2012

Thanks to the blog in Spain named Power Pop Action for selecting our record "Barnacle Bill" as number 63 in their list of the favorite 100 albums of 2011 !

You can see the rest of their selections here:

"For the Best" is 2011's no. 4 Top Track at North Fork Sound - December 21, 2011

"For the Best" no. 4 Top Track for 2011 at North Fork Sound You can see it all here:

Thanks Howard Thompson!

New record released - March 1, 2011

Today we released our self-titled 2nd record.

Second CD finished! - January 19, 2011

It's January 2011 and we have completed our 2nd record, 2.5 years in the making and titled, Barnacle Bill. It was recorded in L.A. at Pete Min's studio and in NYC at Yianni's apartment with many guests including Carla Capretto (keyboards), Lloyd Goldberg (sax), and Jeffrey Young (violin). Pete ( also worked with us on our first record and mixed the new one. (One of Pete's other recent successes is his work with the L.A. band, The Airborne Toxic Event). We are planning on a "release" date in February. Until then we will post some songs for streaming. We are also planning a CD release show and will announce that soon. Thanks, and hope you'll listen !!

Back from L.A. - some tips - June 18, 2008

Last week we returned from a four-day trip to Los Angeles, where we recorded the basic tracks for what is becoming our second record. Here, I will share some of the strategic tips for music professionals that we heard from a few of our (long-time New Yorkers but-now-living-in-LA) successful music industry friends:

1. First, become famous. The reason for the fame is not as important as the fame itself.
2. To get a record contract, get on a t.v. show.
3. If you don't care about 1 and 2 above, then it's really about the music and you are resigned to the likelihood that you won't get to number 1 above.

One of the first songs I obsessed over, at age 9, was "Sugar Sugar," by the Archies. The Archies executed tips 1 and 2 well. They were famous from a comic book that went on to become a Saturday morning t.v. cartoon, which in turn was a perfect forum for launching their pop smash hits.

I executed tips 1 and 2 by playing with the Pedantiks (my first band, in the 80s) in a school-cafeteria scene on the t.v. show "Fame" (and we did get a record contract). But now I'm happy to finally get to tip number 3.

Wait - did someone say they had an idea for a reality show...?

Featured artist at - May 21, 2008

We have been designated a "featured artist" at (go to and scroll down).

The site provides music for TV shows and commercials, film, radio, web sites, video games and theater.

So, if you are just aching to have a Barnacle Bill clip as part of the soundtrack to your next production, visit

P.S. By the way, our music is also available for licensing at Pump (

Our songs in the indie film, "Peripheral Vision" - April 10, 2008

New York-based indie film company Barleau Street Films has selected our songs "I Want You" and "One Last Time" for use in the new film, "Peripheral Vision."
We congratulate director Michael D'Andrea on the completion of the project.
The premiere is scheduled for Friday night, May 2, 2008, at the Boulton Center, on Main St. in Bay Shore, LI ("Strong Island"), NY at 6:30 pm, with a reception to follow.
According to Michael, the Boulton Center is a wonderful, recently refurbished theater in
the heart of Bay Shore, across the street from
where auditions were held and not far from where some important scenes for the film were shot.

Streams of Whiskey - November 15, 2007

Streams of Whiskey is a band formed by the members of Barnacle Bill to play the music of Shane MacGowan, The Pogues, The Popes, Ireland's The Dubliners, etc., both original and some traditional. Check more at: It started before last St. Patrick's Day, when Barnacle Bill drummer Steve somehow corralled us into playing Irish songs at a great venue, Egan's, located in his hometown of Montclair, NJ. For the show, on St. Patty's Day, Steve took over on vocals and we expanded the band to include a new drummer (Matt Raymond), keyboards and tin whistle (Karen Kelly) and fiddle (Susan Mitchell). Our guitarist Stu switched to acoustic guitar and banjo. Today the drums are played by Paul ("Paulie Walnuts"), and fiddle by Jeffrey Young. Why do we do this? Though it's enough that it's tremendously fun, the challenge of learning and playing great songs that are different than what we're used to writing is also rewarding. (Oh, and the money's pretty good...).

Dean Johnson RIP - October 25, 2007

Earlier this month we learned the sad news that Dean Johnson died late September in Washington, D.C. and was in the morgue for a week before his friends were able to find him.
We send our condolences to Dean's family and friends, and hope that the circumstances and details of his mysterious death are further revealed.
Stu (Barnacle Bill's guitarist) and I played in the 1992-1993 configuration of Dean's first band, Dean and the Weenies (though Stu was in the band for a longer period than I). It was the first of several bands in which Stu and I would both play.
Dean was a unique and spirited performer and I cherish the experiences and memories I have from that time. The NY Times had a recent article about Dean:
RIP Dean.

Recent Radio Airplay... - August 28, 2006

We'd like to thank WRZX's music director and show host Dave Dugan for their support playing our CD:

WRZX 103.3 FM Indianapolis, IN: "Santa Fe" on the "Hangover Cafe" show

Recent Radio Airplay... - August 14, 2006

We'd like to thank the music directors and DJs of the following stations for their continued support playing songs from our CD:

KACV 89.9 FM, Amarillo, TX:
"I Want You" on the shows "Under The Radar" and "The Indie Show."

KSWI, 95.7 FM, Atlantic, IA: "What It's Like Before."

"Towards The Pebbled Shore" available at iTunes... - July 18, 2006

All twelve songs from our CD are now available at Apple's iTunes music store. 'Search' for artist 'Barnacle Bill' on your iTunes application or at the following site:

Recent Radio Airplay... - June 30, 2006

We'd like to thank the music directors and DJs of the following stations for playing songs from our CD:

KSWI, 95.7 FM, Atlantic, IA: "What It's Like Before."

KUPD, 97.9 FM, Tempe, AZ: "I Want You" on the show "The Lopsided World of L."

WQXA, 105.7 FM, Harrisburg/Hershey, PA: "Santa Fe."

Recent Radio Airplay... - June 26, 2006

We'd like to thank the music directors and DJs of the following stations for playing songs from our CD:

WFNX, 101.7 FM, Boston, MA and 92.1 FM, New Hampshire and Maine: "Santa Fe" on the show "First Contact."

KACV, 89.9 FM, Amarillo, TX: "Asylum" on "The Indy Show."

KIOZ, 105.3 FM, San Diego, CA: "Sante Fe" on the "Inside Track" show.

WAVF, 96 FM, Charleston, SC: "Best For Last."

Recent Radio Airplay... - June 13, 2006

We'd like to thank the music directors and DJs of the following stations for playing songs from our CD:

KACV 89.9 FM, Amarillo, TX:
"I Want You" on their show "Under The Radar"

KQRA 102.1 FM, Springfield, MO: "Feels Like Seven"

WAITT Radio, Omaha, NE: "Santa Fe"

WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond, VA:
"Feels Like Seven" on their show "Future Perfect

Barnacle Bill on WBJB-FM "90.5 The NIGHT" tonight! - May 26, 2006

Our song "Feels Like Seven" has been selected and will be aired as Music Director Jeff Raspe's 'Underground Pick of the Week' tonight, Friday May 26, on WBJB-FM's "Altrok Radio," the station's program that airs Friday nights 10 pm to midnight, hosted by Sean Carolan. WBJB, aka "90.5 The Night," is in Lincroft, NJ (Monmouth county) at 90.5 FM and live on the web at: At their web site, click on the "listen" menu to pick your stream preference. Our thanks to Sean and WBJB's music director, Jeff Raspe!

"Santa Fe" added to rotation at - April 7, 2006

This great site for indie pop and rock has added our song "Santa Fe" to the playlist for Thursday (but you can listen to Thursday's list any day - and fast forward or reverse to other songs for that day or any other day any time!)

Barnacle Bill at - March 30, 2006

We have joined the millions already at myspace:
Download two songs FREE.

Our CD is now available at Not Lame...Thanks! - March 23, 2006

We're proud to have "Towards The Pebbled Shore" added to the catalogue at Not Lame Recording Co.:

Our CD is now available at Kool Kat Musik... Thanks! - March 15, 2006

"Towards The Pebbled Shore" has been added to the 'new releases' section at the "Online Pop Catalogue" store, at Kool Kat Musik. Here's the link: (scroll down)
We're happy to be included at this pop specialty store.

CD of the day... - February 17, 2006

'Towards the Pebbled Shore' has been selected as CD of the day for February 17 at: Scroll down to February 17...
Thanks Steve!

Our first CD is now available at CD Baby. Thanks! - February 3, 2006

Feb. 1, 2006: Our first CD is available at CD Baby.

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