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Barnacle Bill: Links

altrok radio
Another fine example of music-loving dedication in the form of web radio, thanks to Sean Carolan, host of the "altrok radio" show on WBJB-FM.
"Dedicated to bringing you a selection of music written and performed predominately by independent label artists who do not receive commercial radio airplay." You might stay for hours!
Absolute Powerpop
Not only do we admire true fans of music who actually listen to massive numbers of records (and then let the world know about them), but we rely on them and the ideas and information they share in their reviews and web sites so a tiny band like Barnacle Bill can have a clue about how to describe our music and how to try to promote it.
We're latecomers to the millions already at myspace but we can still be your friend!
Listen to the 'There's a Fire' record.
Barnacle Bill, a "particularly interesting" rock on Mars

Buy "Towards The Pebbled Shore" online:

CD Baby
Click to buy our CD "Towards The Pebbled Shore" Thanks!
Barnacle Bill at iTunes
Click above to get to our songs on iTunes.
Not Lame Recording Co.
Another site started by ultra-dedicated music fans and lovers with an ear for power pop. The address above gets you to our CD's page.
Kool Kat Musik Online Pop Catalogue store

Click to buy "Towards The Pebbled Shore" from this pop specialty store.