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Barnacle Bill: Bio

"Age is all in your head. What was I saying? We’re old but we’re good. Some things improve with age. Like cheese. Why else would we spend so much time on making this record? We take our time (what’s left of it) striving for greatness. Phase two of this process is our new CD, Barnacle Bill."

Barnacle Bill is made up of three seasoned veterans: Stuart “Lemongrass” Klinger plays guitar and sings, Yianni “Oregano” Naslas plays bass and sings and Steve “Curry” Wickins plays drums and sings.

Yianni and Steve met at a shared rehearsal space in the early ‘80s in New York City. Yianni was playing with the Pedantiks while Steve was playing with The Sex Pistols (or whichever band it was). They played in a band together a couple of years later and have been in bands together ever since. Their last band, Travis Pickle, was the first band signed to Luna Lounge’s LunaSea Records. Travis Pickle had a song on the soundtrack to Edward Norton’s 2000 film, Keeping the Faith, and was one of the first bands to work with Pump Audio, a music licensing company.

Yianni met Stu! They played together in the infamous Dean and the Weenies in the early '90s.  And they also dated sisters.

Stu played with the band The Rake’s Progress, which released two cds. The EP, Cheese Food Prostitute (HiFi recordings) landed them a coveted spot on a Beavis and Butthead episode; the full length, Altitude (Almo/Geffen) was released in 1995. “Howard is a Drag," a song from Altitude, appeared on the soundtrack of the 1995 film Heavy. The band also appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

In the early '00s Stu and Yianni started writing songs and playing together again and soon after, Steve completed the trio, which played its first show in 2004. Barnacle Bill released their first album, Towards the Pebbled Shore in 2006.

Since then Steve discovered that he is really a lead singer and now fronts his own trad-Irish and Pogues cover band, Streams of Whiskey, of which Stu and Yianni are also founding members. Totaling eight musicians, Streams of Whiskey play regularly in and out of NYC, from Paddy Reilly's to Bowery Ballroom.

The members of Barnacle Bill have full plates of music before them and will continue to chew for as long as they keep their teeth.